NHNZ Stock Video Footage Collection

NHNZ and our contributors film in some of the world's most extreme locations. View our NHNZ HD showreel or check out a selection of our stunning stock video clips here.

Landscapes of ice, snow and spring thaw

Ice melting, black swans slipping on ice, the spring thaw, and run off from the mountains.


From the headwaters of the rivers, down its tributaries; past  Hydro dams;  flowing to the sea.

Rainforest - Rivers of Life

The rivers, swamps, intertwining trees; the rain falling in slomo.

Manatee, and orangutan, and giant water lillies; following the natural cyles of life and death.

Rainforest - Plant Cycle

Pollinating hummingbirds and butterflies, guzzling warthogs and canny elephants; industrious dung beetle, and orangs going about their business!

Rainforest - Fish of the Forest

Amazonian Pirarucu fish and catfish; a visual feast - slomo of fish snatching insect from a tree branch.

Rainforest - Giants and Piranhs

Giant otters snatching their prey, pirahna scouring the riverbeds, cats somnolent on the side, and the pirarucu's incredible vacuum action.

New Zealand's Southern Alps
and Mount Cook

New Zealand Coastal Scenes

New Zealand Landscapes


Ice Festival - Harbin, China

Shaolin Temple - China


China's Ancient Buildings


Avalanche - Milford Road, New Zealand