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Wild Mississippi Wildlife Stock Footage now Online

The Wild Mississippi three one-hour blue chip series reveals the rarely-seen magic of the United States longest river system and the creatures inhabiting its waters and shores.

This epic series follows the twists and turns of the river through the seasons: from the Deep Freeze of the far north; down its Raging Waters; to the sun-filled Delta Blues of the Gulf of Mexico. From wolves to tree-dwelling ducks, giant alligators to flying squirrels, foxes to bobcats - this footage evokes the majesty, humour, and dramatic nature of the mighty Mississippi.

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NGC Natural History Collection

The National Geographic Channels Stock Footage Collection is treasure trove of blue chip natural history stock footage.

Hidden Worlds and The Living Edens series both set a benchmark for contemporary blue chip documentaries, and feature incredible behaviours and species not found in any other collection.

Whether it’s winged or four legged; scaled, furred or feathered; hunting, killing, or being killed the NGC Stock Footage Collection holds many of the money shots and establishers you are looking for to meet your research brief.

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