Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum purchase policy, per cut fees or kill fees?
No minimums, no per cut fees, no kill fees. Our rates are per second - you only pay a license fee on footage you actually use in your production.
How do I get a price for footage?
All our footage is rights managed and license fees are tailored to your production needs, please contact one of our content specialists to discuss rights, territory, term, and your other footage requirements
There is a search result I am interested in, but I canít see the shot online. How can I view the clip?
Only a tiny selection of our archive is available online, although this is growing by the day. Please tick the box of the text- result you would like to see a clip for, and it will automatically send your request to us. We can then upload the clip into a clip bin, and send you with a link to the clip bin, when it is ready.
How much are your lab fees?
Lab fees are subject to size of order. All our dubbing is done at our in-house facilities, and we can output to almost any format. Standard dubbing costs are NZ$300 per hour, with a NZ$75 minimum. We charge for materials and freight costs at standard international rates. These fees can be invoiced in US$ if you prefer, at the prevailing exchange rate.
Do you charge for research enquiries?
Your initial research enquiries are free of charge, if you would like us to do your research there may be some costs associated with this. Please send us a research request if you would like us to research our archive for your project.
What are the terms and conditions of your license agreement?
You can download our standard license agreement here insert hyperlink to PDF version of the template
Can I get film re-transferred to HD?
Much of our older footage, which was shot on film, is available for transfer to HD, subject to the format it was shot in. To check availability of a particular shot, please contact us
How long will it take to transfer film?
Please allow at least a week for film transfers plus delivery
How do I identify a clip when ordering it?
All our clips are identified by a Clip ID number. When you send us a research request the clip id automatically appears. If you are sending us an email, please quote the clip number you are referring to.
How do I order master quality footage?
Full instructions on ordering master footage is available here. We can deliver master quality footage on a variety of tape stock, hard drives, or via our ftp site, depending on urgency and quantity ordered.
I canít access my master footage on your ftp site, what do I do?
Registration for the NHNZ ftp site is separate from registration for the website. Once youíve ordered a master, you will need to register for the ftp site. You will not have access to the site until you have received a confirmation email from our IT department. We will notify you once your files are available. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.
I still need further assistance, who do I contact?
If you have any other questions, please contact the footage consultant you have been dealing with, or contact us here.